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Where to eat in Estes Park

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Your food Guide to Estes Park
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The first question that is usually asked after making a reservation is, "Where to eat?" Below is our list of our favorite places to eat and why we eat there! This list is in alpha order. We only comment when we have eaten at a place more than once and had different items each time. Some places have new owners and we have not had a chance to sample their cooking.

Running around Estes Park and hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park require good and plentiful fuel. In order to make our list, an establishment must meet these requirements.

There are many fine eateries in Estes Park that I have not visited and just because a place (your place or your "favorite" place) is not on this list should not be taken as a plus or a minus. There are some that I will not eat at again! Your innkeeper is your best guide.

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Our Favorite Dining Places

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New in Estes Park is my 2011 food/resturant rating system. I know where the good and outstanding place are, so will start there first. Look for the STAR rating system (5 stars is max score).
Big Horn Restaurant — A favorite for breakfast all year. Cid's hickory smoked BBQ is a favorite. Where the locals eat!
Casa Grande — The only place where I'll eat Mexican food in Estes Park.
Coffee on the Rocks — Favorite of locals... need I say more?
4 Star Rating Donut Haus — When you want 'em, there is no other place to go Estes. All made fresh daily. They close when they run out! If you ate morning pastries somewhere else and loved them, then they probably came from here. Why not get them from the source! 2011 dining experience: I do not eat donuts often, but when I do, I want them fresh and delicious. Rated at 4 out of 5 stars! Cons: Take out only and parking can be a problem.
4 Star Rating Dunraven Inn Restaurant (hwy 66) — Italian, Steaks and seafood. Excellent evening dining in an old established restaurant. The Dunraven is a favorite with locals and visitors. The entry room/ bar is papered in money! 2011 dining experience: We kick off gustatory festivities with fried calamari, best I've had since California some 15 years ago, then simple the best halibut ever... cooked to perfection. My dining partner was amazed with her infused pineapple martini and chicken cacciatore. Rated at 4 out of 5 stars! Cons: acoustics suck.
Egg and I — Only open for breakfast and lunch. Always popular.
Estes Park Pie Shop & Bakery — Simply the best of everything baked. Pies are unreal and as close to home-made as possible as there is no assembly line here. Now with a downtown location where you can sit and eat.
Hunters Chop House — One of the top 4 hamburger & fries in Estes Park. Also, steaks, seafood and game. Incredible desserts.

Marys Lake Lodge — Two restaurants in one:
— The Grandmaison's Chalet Room is where to take someone special for one of the best dinners in Estes Park.
4-Star Rating — The tavern is a favorite of the locals and also has some of the best evening entertainment in Estes Park.

Nicky's Cattleman Steak House — Two restaurants in one. Salad soup bar in the Garden Room is a favorite and the best steaks and prime rib in Estes Park in the dining room. One of the top 4 hamburger & fries in Estes Park when you order off the dinner menu. Nicky's now serves only Angus beef... simple the best beef!
Sundeck Restaurant— The only place to go for trout and fried chicken in Estes Park (in my opinion).
Sweet Basilico Cafe — Best Homemade Italian Cuisine in Estes Park. It is all about the sauce!
Other Side Restaurant — All American cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In the off season, I would never miss one of Scott's buffets - Mexican, Seafood and Sunday Brunch.
Rock Inn Mountain Tavern — One of the best dinners in Estes Park. In an old mountain lodge and the food is delicious food. The h'orderves and sauces are most excellent. If I had the time, I'd "eat my way through this menu" too.
4-Star RatingSmokin' Dave's BBQ & Taphouse — One of the top 4 hamburger & fries in Estes Park if you count the sweet potato fries. Regular fries not recommended as they taste more like pototos than french fries. Dave's barbecue sauces are the best. I'm working on "eating my way through the menu" here too.
The Shores Restaurant at Lake Shore Lodge has recently been taken over by Allen Long and he as done wonders with this place. I've eaten there 4 times and all was tops. This is a top place in Estes Park AND it as the best hamburger and french fries in town. Great steakes too!
4-Star Rating Village Pizza — My favorite pizza place in EP. Great for the family and kids. Everything is fresh and made from scratch. There are other fancier pizza places in town, the the Village Pizza get my business based on taste and value.
4-Star RatingWapiti Resturant and Pub — One of Estes Park best kept secreats! I've eatten here 2 time in 2011 and been amazed each time. My rib eye steak was cooked perfectly and another time the hamburger/french fries for lunch was both taste and filling. Rated at 4 out of 5 stars! Cons: It is in town and parking can be a problem... but difinately worth the walk.


Places that I have not yet had the pleasure


The following places have an excellent reputation with lodge owners and I do want to eat at these fine eateries. It just take time to get around to all of 'em.

Give them a try and let me know what you had and what you think of 'em.


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Cascades Restaurant at the Stanley Hotel
Claire's on the Park
Fawn Brook Inn in Allenspark — Simply the best dining in the Rocky Mountains. Reservations are recommended... often weeks in advance. The only place for that special occasions such as honeymoons, anniversary and romantic getaways!
Inn of Glen Haven
Ptarmigan Restaurant at Aspen Lodge Resort
The Aspen Grill & Ten Bears Saloon (Aspen Lodge — Highway 7)
TimeOut Sports Grill and Taphouse
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