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Your Best Bargain in Estes Park Advertising
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Sponsored Links Get Results

Our advertisers are reporting that their participation on the EstesPark.USTM and the RockyMountainNP.Com sites have increased their business because of our targeted audience. We are the only advertising group that has successfully connected Rocky Mountain National Park and Estes Park. Our RMNP.Com site attracts people interested in Rocky and the links on the Rocky site refer them to our sponsors for their lodging and dining needs.
We list almost everyone in the Estes Park Valley. Our "Sponsors" do receive 5 to 10 time more referrals to their Internet sites than non-Sponsor. For many the increased traffic (bookings) paid for their ads before they wrote the check! We also place well in many search engines and HAVE PAID ADs on all major search engines. We deliver more traffic to your Internet site. To view site statistics for our hosted clients see:
Log File Results (Referring Websites):
To find out how you can participate, review the listings below and contact us by or by calling 303/499-5799—Karl Snyder, your Web Host.

Sponsorship of the RMNP.Com & Estes Park site includes:

  1. Banner Ad on the RMNP.Com site.
  2. Display and Classified Ads on the EstesPark.US site.
  3. We also host and design site for many of our clients including digital and film photography. (Hosting and advertising, sponsorship, package available). We are the best advertising "deal" in Estes Park.
To find out how you can participate, review the listings below and contact us by or by calling 970-586-3768 — Karl Snyder, your Web Host.

Sample RMNP.Com Banner Ads

Sample Banner Ads on RMNP.Com Site
Our "Google" type ads and are on all pages except home page. Listings are selected at random for each page.
Visit this page on our Rocky site to see the Banner Ads. Use your Browsers "Back" button to return to this page.

EstesPark.US Display ads:

  • Your display ad containing your logo (with hyperlinks to your web site for the image and name), two paragraphs about your company and 10 bullets (up to 24 characters each).
  • You can be two of the following categories for one low price (additional listing are extra):
    • Campgrounds
    • Bed and Breakfast
    • Cabins & Cottages
    • Motels & Hotels
    • Inns & Lodges
    • Condos, Suites & Vacation Homes
    • Romantic-Getaways *NEW*
    • Pet Friendly Lodging *NEW*
    • Guest Ranch
    • Estes On a Budget
  • "Site Sponsor" logo at the bottom of your ad with options for "pets welcome", "No Smoking" and other symbols.
  • Display ads are in in alphabetical order with a random start so you have as much chance to be first on the page as last.
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EstesPark.US Enhanced Classified ads:

  • Listing will be listed in Bold.
  • Contain both your local and toll free telephone numbers.
  • Contain a tag line to help differentiate your listing of up to 16 words.
  • Contain a link to your display ad.
  • "Site Sponsor" symbol and Option for "Pets Welcome" symbol.
  • Separated from other ads with a blank line.
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Extra Benefits:

  • Listing on the Lodging Summary page in BOLD.
  • Email referrals when a viewer selects a category you are listed in.

    Use the menu at the TOP of this page to view the EstesPark.US site.

Hosting and Design:

We host and have designed (or remodeled) over 60 sites in the Estes Park Valley. We also have many Estes Park clients who have designed or maintain their own site. We encourage our clients to be active in keeping their sites up to date and "fresh".
Benefits of our Hosting:
  • Availability calendar that you can maintain without knowing HTML.
  • Access to your site for updates by using Contribute by Macromedia that is as easy to use as a word process. We maintain the menu system, color schema and overall design leaving you free to work on the content.
  • Extensive spam and virus filters. We can not stop all spam and viruses, but we can eliminate 80% to 90% without blocking legitimate emails.
  • Unlimited email accounts...or as many as you need to run your business.
  • Optional browser based web mail, so you can access your emails from anywhere in the world while you are on vacation or away from your main computer.
  • FTP access so you or your designer can maintain your own site.
  • PHP and Pearl server side scripting languages. Sorry no Front Page Extensions.
Benefits of our Designing your site:
  • Quality design and photography as we do all our own work. We now only do digital photography for your site.
  • We design your site by using hand-coding and visual design. We take advantage of Dreamweaver's Template feature to insure that all standard page feature are the same on all pages of your site. A change made to the template updates all pages.
  • No charge for minor updates such as changes in text and rates.
  • No charge for changing your home page for off season "specials". We also include them on the home page of the EstesPark.US site for more visibility.
  • Optional Features:
    • Availability calendar that you maintain so your viewers know when units are taken. Eliminates calls for times your are "booked" and guest can change their vacation plans to fit your openings!
    • Popup window for larger view with unique features as automatic resizing to fit the viewers monitor, automatic closure to prevent windows being hidden behind the main browsers window.
    • Estes and Rocky activities list and year long calendar of Estes Park Events.

    Please see our Mountain-Mall.Com site for more information about hosting (use your Browsers"Back" button to return to this page).

email to:

If clicking on the above link did not start your email
program, then simply paste the above email address
into your email program to reply.
  Our Sponsors support the RMNP.Com project.
Your Complete Guide to Rocky Mountain National Park!
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About EstesPark.US
The EstesPark.US Website and its companion Website, RMNP.Com is supported by Lodge, Restaurant and Shop owners of Estes Park. Their contributions and sponsorship, allow us to list all lodging, restaurants, shops that server the Estes Park Valley. Also their sponsorship of our Rocky Website allow you an independent view of Rocky Mountain National Park. This 300 page Rocky Website is designed for you, our guests.